About the American Advertising Federation - Houston

The American Advertising Federation - Houston, formerly Houston Advertising Federation, is an association of advertising professionals encompassing all disciplines in the advertising, marketing and communications industries.

Founded in 1911, the American Advertising Federation - Houston (AAF-H) is one of the oldest service organizations in Houston.

Today, with a membership of nearly three hundred advertising professionals, the group takes an active role in the community both locally and through its affiliation with the American Advertising Federation (AAF), a 50,000 member national association of advertising professionals.

AAF-H is an organization representing all industry segments with the goals of:

+ Promoting activities that advance advertising;
+ Fostering improvement of advertising performance and ethics and cooperating with governmental and other agencies so that such standards may be achieved by self-regulation;
+ Expanding the recognition of the economic and social value of advertising as an industry;
+ Developing technical proficiency and abilities in those interested in the art of advertising through scholarships, grants and endowments;
+ Cooperating with government offices and representing the industry's positions before legislative and administrative bodies.

Through educational programs and seminars, student conferences, and public service projects, the AAF-H encourages professional development throughout the industry and promotes a better understanding of advertising in the community.

The American Advertising Federation - Houston, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(6) organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and was originally incorporated in Texas as Houston Advertising Club, Inc.