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August 2009, Issue 5

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Rita TrelewiczWe all know that first impressions count. However, these days this not only applies to your personage; it applies to your online presence as well. Just as people form an opinion of you at first glance, so do they judge your brand’s website. Most potential customers visit a product website when considering a purchase. What impression does your website make?

This month we get a taste of Moosylvania, The Great State of Design. Many trend-setting initiatives have emerged at Moosylvania’s globally-ranked research facility from the experts in the fields of digital, branding and promotion. Rodney Mason, CMO will share with us what they have learned on consumer spending motivations.

For some people, technology has greatly altered the start of the day. People are increasingly waking up and logging on first thing in the morning — even before their first cup of java. This surge of early risers has changed online and wireless traffic patterns. Traffic levels used to rise when people booted up at work but now levels get a huge morning caffeine jolt around 6 – 7am. In my case, I can wait to log on until I get to work - which is about 7 AM anyway. How about you?

As always, if there is something you want to share, drop me a line at rtrel@rtmarcom.net. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Rita Trelewicz
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The Research Behind Compelling Design

Rodney MasonThis month on Wednesday, August 19th at the HAF Houston monhly luncheon, Rodney Mason, CMO of Moosylvania will talk about what will motivate consumers to purchase.

Rodney is a thought leader in social media, what motivates consumers to purchase now and in the near future and helping clients change the status quo.He leads discussions in the blogosphere at events like New York’s Social Network Week and regularly through commentary in editorial hubs like Reveries and Ad Age.

Prior to Moose, he was CMO and Managing Director for hawkeye worldwide, a top 40 interactive agency, and also GM of Lowe-Zipatoni Chicago among others. Client experience includes category leaders in technology, entertainment, CPG, retail and financial services.

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Think Like a Designer

Most people rarely think about design nor think they have a creative bone in their body. That is unfortunate since designers have a unique way of looking at things that non-designers could benefit from.

Designers understand that constraints and limitations lead to enhanced creativity. The creative talent that created the wonderful worlds of Star Wars were thankful that George Lucas gave them limitations. Good designers are comfortable with ambiguity early on in the process. They know that it takes discipline to make the hard choices about what to include and what to exclude. Great design is the result of careful choices and decisions. The genius is often in what you omit.

Design is about communication, not beautification. It is about solving problems or making the current situation a little better than before. Good designers are skilled at noticing and observing. They are able to see the big picture and the details of the world around them. They can look at the problem from the audience point of view. Empathy can be key for understanding a problem.

Visit the blog, Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds for more tips on thinking like a designer.

Two Against One

Yahoo and Microsoft finally arrived at a 10-year search partnership agreement, as the two industry heavyweights look to take on market leader Google. According to analysts and advertising executives, Google should have plenty of time to create a counter strategy if necessary since the complex deal will take two years to implement. The deal calls for Yahoo! to use Microsoft's Bing search engine on its sites. Yahoo! will handle ad sales for Bing but won't receive any upfront payment from Microsoft although they should receive cost savings from pushing its search queries through Microsoft's servers.

Yahoo will continue to sell search ads that appear on Yahoo and Bing. While Yahoo will collect 88% of the ad revenue on Yahoo sites, Microsoft is running the underlying ad technology. According to Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land Microsoft will hold all the cards.

Member News

This month, we profile a few more board memnbers. For those of you who may not know these people and for those that do, please enjoy the short profiles below. You may learn something that you never knew. If you have any news you want to share with the group or want to include a short profile in future newsletters, please contact Rita Trelewicz. Let the Houston Ad Crowd know what is going on with you!

Dwight Cook was called into this business early. He started his own radio station when he was 15. While at KRBE as the on air personality, “Shotgun Cook”, he fell in love with his wife and settled down in Houston. He has been known to say, “It all started when someone bought me a Mr. Microphone”. Now he herds cats to keep the creative flow of his business going. If he could, he would vote for Jack Bauer for President.

Joe FournetJoe Fournet was born in Lake Charles and wishes he was more fluent in French. However, as a writer/creative director in the advertising/marketing industry, he likes bringing ideas to life. He has a warped sense of humor and believes that most people who know him would say, “Hi, Joe”. While Houston has a lot to offer, he could live without the heat and traffic. In his free time, he enjoys reading and unwinding with an adult beverage.

Alex Lopez NegreteAlex López Negrete loves advertising, passionately. But that’s not all. He also loves his family. He loves music. He loves film. He loves the Hispanic community. And, he loves creating things from nothing. Lopez Negrete Communications gives him a chance to mix all the things he loves. On the rare occasion where Alex finds time off, chances are you’ll find him jamming on his guitar(s) or hacking it up on some poor, unsuspecting fairway.

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