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June 2009, Issue 3

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Rita TrelewiczMarketers are making the most of the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing. Louis Vuitton is running a print ad featuring astronauts and Swatch is selling a version of one of their watches that an astronaut wore in space. At this months luncheon, we are presenting a compilation of the 40th Anniversary Clio Awards.

Last Friday, we entered TV's Digital Age. After months of preparation, TV stations across the country transitioned from analog to digital television signals. The change is expected to provide more channel options and improved audio and video quality. According to the acting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Copps, "We're going from the Dinosaur Age to the Digital Age".

There is a change afoot in the Internet world. Microsoft is making a substantial play in the search market by introducing their new Bing search engine. This may be another search engine that marketers might need to add to the mix.

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40th Anniversary Clio Reel: 40 Years of the Best!

Don't miss it! The June luncheon on Wednesday, June 17 will feature examples of creative excellence from around the globe.

The Clio Awards is the world’s largest advertising competition—and one of the most prestigious, as well. Featuring examples of creative excellence from around the globe, this dynamic series, introduced by Ogilvy & Mather’s worldwide creative director Neil French, creates a visual timeline of TV spots that throws a unique light on the products enjoyed by mass audiences for more than forty years.

This special 40th anniversary reel is a compilation of award winning commercials from around the globe from the late 1950's through the '90s.

Some notable ads receiving a Clio Award over the past forty years include: Alka Seltzer, Timex, Harpo, Pepsodent, Clairol hair color, Mr. Clean, Maxwell House coffee, Kodak, Volkswagen, Cracker Jacks, Campbell's soups, American Tourister luggage, Coca Cola, MacDonalds, Life cereal, Bandaids, Visa, Dr. Pepper, Wendy's hamburgers, Apple Computers, Bud Light, California raisins, Diet Pepsi, Levi jeans, Energizer bunny, "Don't drink and drive", Sony, "Got milk?, Budweiser frogs, Nike shoes, and Miller beer among others. What are your favorites?

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Competition for the Giant of Search

A new addition just came to web search that advertisers might need to consider. Microsoft recently launched Bing, a new "decision" search engine.

The results displayed appear to have more useful information than Google results. Related information displays along with price comparisons and reviews pulled from all over the Web. The Microsoft introduction video mentions that by using Bing, you can receive cash-back from online retailers.

The video does not outline how this works. It is unlikely that Microsoft will receive any payments from sales originating from Bing. If they did, users might perceive the search results as skewed.

Only time will tell if Bing can make a dent in the search engine wars. However, Microsoft retained JWT to create a major multi-platform launch campaign for Bing, that seeks to position it as a superior alternative to Google and Yahoo! The campaign is valued at an estimated $80 million to $100 million.

A New Dimension in Advertising

Anyone who saw the first Star Wars movie remembers Princess Leia's holographic message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. A Hollywood special effect is now becoming part of a marketers arsenal.

Interactivity is the watchword in a new wave of 3-D advertising. "Augmented reality," or AR technology, allows consumers to insert their own images into 3-D landscapes. Papa John's International, the U.S. Postal Service and General Electric have begun to incorporate AR into their marketing.

This month, pizza chain Papa John's is putting an AR image to the back of 30 million pizza boxes. Customers can visit a special Web site, hold the image up to a Webcam and use their keyboard to drive an animated, Camaro on the computer screen. The chain's founder, chairman and chief executive, John Schnatter, sold his Camaro in 1984 to buy the restaurant equipment needed to open his first pizza place. The move also ties in to the chain's broader marketing program, which includes a cross-country road trip by Mr. Schnatter

The push into AR comes as companies have grown dissatisfied with static advertising like TV commercials, which have washed over coach potatoes. AR is "a great way to get customers involved in a promotion in a more interactive way than just reading or seeing an ad," says Jim Ensign, Papa John's vice president of marketing.

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Member News

Staring in July we welcome in a new slate of officers for the year.

The AAF – Houston, Board of Directors for 2009-2010.

Board Officers: Chairman-Natalie Gonzalez, Chairman Elect-Tami Weitkunat, Vice Chairman-Randy Jackson, Treasurer-Dennis Vegas, Secretary-Joe Fournet, Immediate Past Chairman-Dave Henry, President-Jay Hagins.

Board Members: Allison Bond, Dallas Baker, Camille Bryan,Troy Burwell, Miles Cathey, Joe Cesaratto, Dwight Douthit, Pat Fant, Joe Fournet, Tad Grow, Mark Harris, Larry Kelley, Craig Koopersmith, Heather Loftiss, Alex Lopez Negrete, Norm Pegram, Darrell Picha, Tim Raymond, Lisa Riley, Cesar Rincon, Ed Schipul, Alan Stivers, and Dennis Vegas.

Presidents Council Chair: Michael Albrecht, Ad2 President: Crystal Land, AEFH Chair: Rich Klein, and OIH Chair: Dwight Cook.

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