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March 2010, Issue 12

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Rita TrelewiczThe downside of Daylight Saving time is losing an hour. Although, you would not think that one hour would make such a difference. From the somber attitude and the amount of caffeine that was consumed at work today, I am not the only one who mourns the loss of 60 minutes. However, there are other perks to this month.

St. Patrick's Day is this Wednesday giving us an excuse to down a mug or two of green beer... or perhaps a shot of Irish Whiskey. Then this Saturday is the first day of spring. Many people are celebrating by taking the entire week off for Spring break. AAF - Houston in taking some time off too. We are not hosting a monthly luncheon this month.

We will meet again in April with Hank Blank as our speaker. Hank's message is motivational and a reminder of how much better we can all be at attracting and winning potential clients. He specializes in finding advertising, public relations and interactive resources for clients based on his knowledge and his network. Everyone needs a strong network. Are you doing all you can to keep your network growing?

As always, if there is something you want to share, drop me a line at rtrel@rtmarcom.net. I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next month, thanks for reading!

Rita Trelewicz
AAF Houston AdSmart

Mass Advertising is Dead

Hank BlankNext month at the April luncheon we will hear from Hank Blank of Hank Blank Inc. His company provides marketing solutions and business building ideas for small to medium sized companies by tapping into the power of one of the largest networks in Orange County, his own.He believes 75% of all business comes from building a strong referral network.

His CD on "Why Agencies Don't Want New Business" has been well-received in the advertising community. It is based on his findings as an agency search consultant and obviously has a very facetious title. Agencies are always looking for new business and unfortunately they make mistakes that undermine their success. While agencies are great at marketing their clients they are often not very good at marketing themselves.

Hank Blank has over 25 years of advertising and marketing experience forged on a broad range of packaged goods, consumer, franchised, and retail accounts throughout North America. This has provided him with strategic skills and retail responsiveness.

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AAF 10th District Convention Deadlines

The housing deadline is almost here for booking convention hotels at the 10th District Convention.

To join in all the 100th Anniversary fun, you'll want to stay at the AAF 10th District Convention headquarters hotels: the Ambassador Hotel for professionals and the Holiday Inn for NSAC teams. Book your room before March 25. After that date, convention rates are not assured. There are 100 Reasons to register for the spectacular 100th Anniversary of the AAF 10th District. Make your plans now and reserve your hotel room at the convention rate using discount code 10011.

6 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Naomi Trower posted 6 ways on how to utilize LinkedIn more effectively on the Social Media Examiner blog. She believes that LinkedIn is underutilized and that most people use it just as a résumé site. However, the professional networking site has much more potential. Are you LinkedIn? Here are three thoughts worth pursuing.

Boosting Your Search Engine Optimization - LinkedIn is a search engine and has a ton of authority on Google and other popular search engines. Instead of just linking to your website, type in a keyword phrase that describes how people can search to find your business.

Using Groups to Connect With People - Most people join groups yet rarely participate. However, why not start a group? Although it does take some effort, it is a great way to use email access to stay in touch with your group.

Getting Recommendations to Attract More Clients - Whether you are promoting your business or yourself, recommendations can go a long way. Begin by making some heartfelt recommendations for your friends. They are sure to respond favorably as well.

Member News

To help break the ice if you see any of these members at an upcoming event, we profiled a few. If you have any news you want to share with the group or want to include a short profile in future newsletters, please contact Rita Trelewicz. Let the Houston Ad Crowd know what is going on with you!

Elizabeth Fordham went to SMU and got into marketing & advertising because it’s always fast-paced and usually fun. She credits her parents for her hard-work ethic and her two brothers in the military who walk the talk. She enjoys Andy Rooney’s books because he sees the world from a funny yet simple perspective. In her free time she hang’s with her two peeps and enjoys hot yoga. She is usually in overdrive and her Facebook updates are usually worth reading.

Mike Reed credits his choice of entering adverting due to watching too many re-runs of Bewitched. He wished he learned earlier how the industry really functions. Agencies are nothing without media. However, When the two come together they can make magic! In his free time he likes to tinker with his Jeep Wrangler or ride his mountain bike. If he is really feeling crazy, he'll take out the road bike.

Greg RomeroGreg Romero can never remember if he is right or left brained, but knows he can draw so channels this as a creative director for retail advertising. He wished he learned sooner that things are not all as it seems, the toys in happy meals suck, and you sleep easier if you practice forgiveness. He reads Braille and avoids TV since it is all junk. He is proud of his fortitude and ability to handle life’s extremes.

Kathleen JonesKathleen Jones joined Lopez Negrete Communications as the new Director of Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing Initiatives. She will be responsible for developing and integrating CRM and direct marketing strategies for the agency’s clients. This opportunity will allow her to put her customer-focused marketing and database marketing best practices to work with clients.

Carlos Arakelian has joined Locke Bryan Productions as Production Manager/Line Producer. Carlos brings over 20 years of experience working with major advertising agencies and production companies. His background also includes extensive work with international live event production.

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