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May 2010, Issue 14

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Rita TrelewiczPeople produce about 50 different types of smiles. However, there's one difference that really matters. Is it real or is it fake? While people sometimes fake smiles to be polite, we are good at detecting real smiles when it matters. Learn more about emotions and how it affects body language and consumer behavior at this months luncheon.

AAF Houston has a few things to brag about. At the District 10 conference, we won 1st place for the public service award in the club achievement competition, Club of the Year, Division II, AAF, the UH student team won the 10th District NSAC competition and, the new SW Advertising Hall of Fame honorees are Audrey Gilbreath, Alex Lopez Negrete and Willard Walbridge. Congratulations everyone!

Don't miss the excitement at the upcoming AAF National Conference 2010 in Orlando June 10-12. To register for this year's conference or learn more about any of the signature National Conference events go to www.aaf.org/conference.

As always, if there is something you want to share, drop me a line at rtrel@rtmarcom.net. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Creative Thought Leader Series: Consumer Emotions and Body Language

Dan HillDan Hill is a recognized authority on the role of emotions and body language in consumer and employee behavior. During our monthly luncheon on May 19, he will share his insights gained while running his scientific consultancy, Sensory Logic, Inc. One of the company’s unique research tools is facial coding. It is used by the CIA and FBI, and Malcolm Gladwell higlights it in his best-seller Blink.

A frequent speaker at global business conferences and seminars, Dan’s blue-chip clients have included Target, Toyota, General Motors, American Express, Capital One, Nokia, GlaxoSmithKline, among other major brands.

Dan appeared on The Today Show, FOX NEWS, CNN, and MSNBC regarding his facial coding analysis of the 2008 Presidential Election and appeared on ESPN2 regarding Alex Rodriquez’s steroid controversy. He is the author of three books: Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumer’s Can’t or Won’t Say, Face Time: How the 2008 Presidential Race Reveals the Importance of being ON-EMOTION in Politics, Business and in Life and Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success.

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How to save a life? Help BARC

The Mayor's Office issued a press release a couple of weeks ago emphasizing the dire issue facing the inhabitants at BARC. Recently BARC experienced an animal intake of 184 increasing the poplution to almost 900 animals. The BARC facility was designed to only shelter 600 animals.

This population level is unsustainable and existing foster and rescue networks are also at capacity. Sadly, some animals will not survive. While it may be too late for Shep, Rusty, Courage, or Camper, you can provide hope for others.

If you have been considering adding a dog or cat to your family, now is a great time visit BARC to find your future best friend. Please explore fostering an animal if you aren’t quite sure that you are able to make a long-term commitment. BARC also relies on the selfless service of volunteers, which can often makes all the difference in an animal finding a loving home.

What's Your Emotional Intelligence Ranking?

Research shows that the overwhelming difference between top performers and average performers is higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a skill that enables you to perceive and assess the emotions, desires, and tendencies of yourself as well as of those around you. It guides you in making the best decisions that moves everyone in the direction of a common goal.

We can all learn what makes people tick. People are different and we all have strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on strengths and working around weaknesses you produce a stronger team. Different is difficult only because people haven't learned to work effectively with the differences. Effectiveness has to with doing the right thing, efficiency has to do with getting things done fast. When working with people, effectiveness is rarely efficient. The best results usually come when we take the necessary time in our relationships to do things right.

The best place to start increasing your EQ is to become more self-aware. Start by examining the pros and cons about the way you solve problems. Then explore other ways you can solve problems. Learn more about emotional intelligence by reading Dan Bobinksi’s article posted on Management Issues.

Member News

To help break the ice if you see any of these members at an upcoming event, we profiled a few. If you have any news you want to share with the group or want to include a short profile in future newsletters, please contact Rita Trelewicz. Let the Houston Ad Crowd know what is going on with you!

Ann Iverson was named the District Member of the Year at the AAF 10th district convention in Amarillo. This award recognizes a member who has made outstanding contributions to the growth and improvement of the district above their normal duties. Iverson is chair of the district's Innovation and Leadership in Advertising Award celebration to be held at GSD&M's Idea City in Austin on May 12th honoring Southwest Airlines.

Rudy Lopez NegreteRudy Lopez-Negrete now manages music and content initiatives for Lopez Negrete Communication from the agency’s California office. He began his music career with the founding of the RPM music label while in school. After obtaining his degree, he moved to New York to work for Elektra/Atlantic records. He then joined Creative Artists Agency in LA where he had the privilege of working with Shakira, Eva Longoria Parker, George Lopez and Salma Hayek.

Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. won the Gold in the multicultural category at the American Research Federation 2010 David Ogilvy Awards ceremony for its Hispanic Heritage Month campaign launched for the agency’s largest client, Walmart Stores. This is the second year that the Advertising Research Foundation has offered the multicultural category award. Lopez Negrete won the Gold last year for Bank of America.

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