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November 2010, Issue 20

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Rita TrelewiczIt is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. The malls have put up their Christmas decorations - some even before Halloween. There is talk about the promotions stores are planning for Black Friday. Thanksgiving is around the corner and my “To Do” list is getting longer by the second. Are you feeling the holiday pressure already?

Then the Houston Communications Alliance may have just the event for you. On Thursday, December 2 chill out at the 5th annual Big Holiday Mixer. If you have never been, now is your chance. For those of you who have, you know it is not something to miss. I look forward to it every year and hope to see many of you there.

Look for an email in the coming weeks with details on the call for entries for the 2011 ADDY Awards. It is just around the corner.

As always, if there is something you want to share, drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next month, thanks for reading!

Rita Trelewicz
AAF Houston AdSmart

Creative Thought Leader Series: Big Profits from Small Budgets

Join us On Wednesday, November 17, to hear Bruce Bendinger, speak about Howard Gossage's approach to big profits from small budgets.

Howard Gossage, a native Houstonian and the Hall of Fame copywriter, set new standards for response and interactivity 30 years ago. His agency in a San Francisco firehouse ignited ideas and controversies that are still burning today.

Bruce Bendinger, along with Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, Howard Gossage and others, put together "The Book of Gossage". It was named by Ad Age as one of the top ten books in advertising.

He will provide a look into Howard's ground-breaking approach and, perhaps, share an Irish Coffee. Which in his opinion, is Nature's most perfect beverage - containing the four essentials of fat, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.

Register now for this event. Sponsored by Pastorini Bosby Talent.

Frappé Holidays - Volume 5

O’ Come all ye mirthful to the big huge, holiday mixer on Thursday, December 2 from 5 to 10 pm at The Courtyard on St. James Place. Your favorite holiday mixer is back to beat, whip and purée its way into your heart.

It is the grandest, multi-organizational, variable-speed networking event of the season. The Big Huge Holiday Mixer hosted by the Houston Communications Alliance features all of Houston’s favorite advertising, marketing and communications professionals. Put your blender setting on “mingle” and join us.

Bring a toy donation for Toys for Tots or a non-perishable food item to help the Houston Food Bank. Event features: Free food and music, cash bar and big festive wads of seasonal fun.

AAF District 10 Winter Leadership Conference

Austin RocksCome jam with rock stars from Facebook, Southwest Airlines and Gowalla and more. Save the date, January 27 - January 29 when Austin rocks at the AAF District 10 Winter Leadership Conference.

Visit www.austinrocks2011.com for more information.

Member News

To help break the ice if you see any of these members at an upcoming event, we profiled a few. If you have any news you want to share with the group or want to include a short profile in future newsletters, please contact Rita Trelewicz. Let the Houston Ad Crowd know what is going on with you!

Dave KubickiDave Kubicki got into website development since the Internet is so important to business and its relevance grows daily. He is thankful to his parents who gave him the tools to create his own success and set examples of how to live with integrity. He wished he learned the importance of knowledge sooner. All is useful in some way and you can carry it with you everywhere you go. He has the unique ability to wiggle each ear independently and likes Houston so much that it does not merit the time to consider dislikes.

Chris McClean got into Web development because he enjoys design and making a difference. He admires his cousin Marie, for being one of the strongest people he knows and Joss Whedon, for making great shows that networks love to hate. Chris has had the opportunity to travel a lot and see the diversity of opinion and culture around the globe. He lived in Australia for 2 1/2 years and has been to Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. He may be a bit too honest and wished he learned to be more tactful sooner.

Robin SoulantRobin Scardino Soulant is a Media Strategist that thoroughly enjoys the art of communicating information thru media. She wished she learned earlier that knowing you tried your hardest and did your best is the ultimate reward. If you wait on other’s approval, you will always leave your self-worth to someone else to decide. Her favorite movies are “The Notebook” and “The Hangover” because she is a hopeless romantic and loves to laugh! She is known for her fabulous one-liners.

Vargo Williams grew up in Houston and can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. Her parents named her after the restaurant Vargos, where they had their first date. Her favorite holiday movie is ELF. The first time she saw it she laughed so hard it hurt. Vargo fools people into thinking she is domestic by cooking for them. She a huge fan of the Houston Rockets and is very passionate about helping homeless animals. As a marketing coordinator, she enjoys finding creative and innovative solutions to needs and problems.

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