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February 2012 Issue 8

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History: make it, live it, share it, celebrate it.

Alex Lopez NegreteDear AAF-Houston members,

Later this month, we will be enjoying our 50th ADDY®Awards. Many of our members will be making history of their own by winning the much sought-after ADDY®…while at the same time, going down in the record books as individuals and organizations that have created award-winning work. Nothing can change that. It will be in the history books forevermore.

But it will be very special this year – not only because we’ve held half a century’s worth of ADDY®Awards, but more importantly, because we celebrate 100 years as an advertising club in our city. During the show (and it will be a show), we will be honoring those that came before us and made their own history and determined ours along the way. You will also be able to enjoy what we have called the Creative Legacy Time Portal – a unique and very comprehensive display of ads, artifacts and remembrances that will take you back to the very beginnings of our organization. You will be able to see the people and the work that made history, that lit the way for those of us who followed. And, there you’ll be. Making history of your own that will most likely end up being seen and enjoyed by those generations of ad people to follow.

So, make sure you get there early this year and enjoy the gallery and the Creative Legacy Time Portal. It will be special and important. MADFEST will indeed be THE event of the year in Houston. A very creative, hard-working and very large team of dedicated professionals is seeing to that.

However, at the American Advertising Federation-Houston we make history every month, every event, not just at ADDY®time. You have been able to see this in action during our Creative Thought Leader Speaker Series. These are once-in-time moments – those moments when an outstanding speaker connects with our membership, and great work and thoughts are shared. This is living and sharing history. So, as excited as I am about our 50th annual ADDY®Award show, I am equally excited about what is happening every month in your club. History is a collection of moments – and we are piling on those moments for you this year, indeed. This month’s speaker hails from the legendary Crispin Porter + Bogusky – and last month we had DJ Stout from Pentagram. Great speakers. Great learnings. Great moments. For you to live, and to share. And, during the month of April we will be having a special (non-luncheon) event featuring none other than the great George Lois. Talk about history!

So, what am I saying here? In short – at the AAF-Houston history isn’t written just once a year – your membership gives you the opportunity to make, live, share and witness history in the making with every single event you participate in. Don’t miss a moment.

Back to the 50th Annual ADDY®Award celebration: invitations have been sent out, and the overwhelming feedback is that folks are getting very excited about attending the 60’s-inspired “MADFEST.”  Join us in honoring the past year’s best work, along with the legacy left by those before us.  If you have yet to purchase your table or individual tickets, please do so by calling 713-237-9999, or by emailing maureen@aaf-h.org. We expect a sell-out, so if you haven’t bought your table or individual tickets, time’s a-wastin’.

Lastly, I would be greatly remiss if I didn’t thank our membership for their continued loyalty and support of American Advertising Federation- Houston.  We are hard at work to serve you, to bring you maximum value for your membership dollar, and to continue to be the organization where advertising history is made. Day by day. Meeting by meeting. Moment by moment. By you, our members.

In service and gratitude,

Alex López Negrete

Alex López Negrete
AAF-Houston Chairman 2011-2012

ADDY Update: And now... the "WOW!"

Addy Mad FestSeveral months ago I urged you to Wait for the Wow. Well, here we are, set for February 25, at the Hyatt Regency.

In just a couple of weeks, we will celebrate our 50th award show and our 100th year of being the oldest services organization in Houston. Besides being the new president of the AAF-Houston, I asked your Board of Directors if I could also chair this year’s ADDYs. I’ve done it before, so no big deal, right? Wrong! This is huge. This is not the ADDYs that I previously chaired.  

This is a four-star dinner show, with fabulous food and drinks, live entertainment, a magnificent tour through history, original music, singing and dancing, and the celebration of excellence I like to call 50 Years of Showtime and 100 Years of Advertising. From the moment you arrive at the Hyatt Regency, you will see and experience the “wow” of MADFEST.  Plus, a big surprise that has never been seen in this city, or 10th District, or nationally ˗ you won’t want to miss it. Tickets and tables are available at aaf-houston.org or by calling AAF-Houston at (713) 237-9999.

This has been a huge undertaking and my committee has been working around the clock, before the holidays, after hours, and during the weekends, to ensure that every detail is taken care of. The ADDY® Committee: Nicole Fellers, Anna Giles, Troy Burwell, Don Brown, Cynthia Wenz, Dick Smith, Kevin Burns, Dave Henry, Ruth Villatoro, Anne Mrok-Smith, Cliff Gillock, Erik Streight, Joe Fournet, Candy Pittman, Abby Salgado, Jonah B Sanders, Patrick Alvarez, Sonny Villarreal, and Alex López Negrete. Next time you see these folks, say thanks.

Enjoy the “WOW!”

Wm. Scott Black
ADDY® Awards Chair

Announcing Our New Board of Directors for 2012-2013/14

One of the most important activities a Chair Elect gets to spearhead is to work with the current Chairman in the formation of a nominations committee that will diligently look for, interview and propose a slate of candidates to serve as members of the board of directors for the next year. This committee works off the direction and information provided to them by the current Chairman and Chair Elect, who are, of course, informed by their current board.

This is of particular importance to us at this juncture, because, as you know, we have set course for transformation as an organization – a transformation whose purpose is to provide you, our members, maximum value for your investment and involvement. Continuity of this vision and completion of new and exciting projects are key. Having the right board and committee heads to lead and execute is essential.

Being the diligent and by-the-book group that you need us to be, we have followed our bylaws carefully, which state that this committee shall have no fewer than ten  members, designating one as chairman to serve as a nominating committee. The nominating committee shall be comprised of the current AAF-Houston chairman, two past chairmen including the immediate past chairman, and seven other persons who have been members in good standing for at least three years and have served as an AAF-Houston board member or officer or are a Silver Medal recipient or have chaired (or co-chaired) an AAF-Houston committee. Additionally, the members of the nominating committee are not eligible for election during the year in which they serve.

As such, Leo DeLeon was chosen and diligently served as nominating committee chairman. The members of his committee were: Joe Fournet, Susan Saurage-Altenloh, Moses Robles, Dennis Vegas, Joe Cesaratto, Bob Cleveland, Natalie Gonzalez, Michael Albrecht, Tami Weitkunat, Jay Hagins and our current chairman, Alex López Negrete.

This illustrious and dedicated team went to work. They met. They talked. They called. They deliberated. And, they came up with what I am sure you will consider a fabulous group of leaders and professionals to keep our club’s momentum going for the next year, beginning July of the present year.

It is with great pride that I announce to you the slate of nominees to serve as your 2012-2013/14 American Advertising Federation-Houston board of directors:

AAF-Houston Board

Chairman, Camille Bryan, Locke Bryan Productions
Chair Elect, Rich Klein, FKM
Vice Chair Elect, Lee Wheat, Whole Wheat Creative  
Treasurer, Norm Pegram, PremierIMS
Secretary, Dennis Vegas, Acclaim Energy Advisors

Returning Board Members (2nd Term)
Troy Burwell, 4 Guys Interactive
Dave Henry, iFilm Productions
Thomas Watts, Ell 

Board of Directors
Tammy Guest, KTRK13 
Nicole Fellers, Locke Bryan Productions 
Larry Kelley, FKM
Patricia Torres Burd, ZapBoomBang Studios 
Mike Hulsey, Comcast 
Christine Stevens, Acumen Design 
Chris Hawley, Hawley Design 
Garner McCulloch, Love Advertising 
Anna Giles, Langrand and Company
Mark Hayden, Brand Extract
Jenny Bosby, Pastorini-Bosby 
Ward Pennebaker, Pennebaker 
Jennifer Carter, CME Printing
Judy Foston, Foston International
David Loving, Univision

This slate of candidates was voted on and approved by the current AAF-Houston board of directors during the January board meeting. The slate will be voted on by the general membership prior to the May membership meeting, so that this energetic, enthusiastic and talented group of professionals is set to serve you, our members, starting July 1st.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Leo DeLeon who so selflessly and seamlessly guided this committee and turned up extraordinary candidates. We have an exciting year ahead of us and a great team to get it done!

Camille Bryan
Chair Elect

Letter From Cliff Gillock, President/Presidents' Council

Hello everybody,

I would just like to say that I am honored to have been voted in as chair of the Presidents’ Council. I was especially pleased with the support I received from the members of the council.      
Our role is basically an advisory one, but in some cases we will take the initiative if an issue arises that the council feels particularly strong about. Also, we will, from time to time, take on responsibility for seeing a specific project through to its conclusion. Whatever the case, what we will NOT do is waste your time and our energy discussing how we USED to do it. It's a new world and believe me, we recognize that fact. It is yours to do what you will to make this a relevant and vitally new organization. I know you will. And we'll help!
Looking forward to meeting and working with new people and old friends.

Cliff Gillock
President- Presidents’ Council

Meet The New Editor-In-Chief of "Creative Matters!"

When Alex asked me to be the new editor-in-chief for Creative Matters,

I said in a high pitched squeel, "Shutup!"

Alex made a funny face and said, "What?"

I said, "Shutup! Are you serious?"

He said, "Yes. But why did ya tell me to shutup? Are you crazy?!"

So, I said, "Yeah. Crazy 'bout AAF-H! I would love to be the editor-in-chief for Creative Matters!"

And thus it begins...

I'm a freelance copywriter excited about serving businesses and the ad community of Houston.

For everyone who read this far down, I have a special surprise for you.  To do my part in making AAF-H the best professional ad-club on the planet, I have devised a way to encourage interest and reading. I will personally buy you a $1 entry into the AAF-H luncheon raffle if you do one of two things:

1. Find a typo or wrong information in Creative Matters!.

2. Send me an idea I use in Creative Matters!.

All you have to do is email me at: jonah@jonahbsanders.com.
And show up at the luncheon to claim your prize.

Jonah B. Sanders
Editor-in-Chief of Creative Matters!

Membership Update

Hello AAF-Houston! 

Your membership committee is moving right along!  In support of our “100-in-100” campaign, we have been sending out a lot of applications and having many conversations.

We've been tracking and, so far, I believe we have welcomed 32 new members to our organization.  We're 37 days into the campaign, so just about on track. 68 new members to go! 

Our next mixer is on March 7th as planned and we would love to see you there!  Come out and welcome our new members, catch up with your friends and meet some new ones!  

Register today and spread the word: http://www.aaf-houston.org/en/cev/278  We’ll only be able to make our goal with YOUR help!

COMING SOON:We have a number of potential members-only events in the making and I'll let you know more as we get the details worked out more fully.  In the meantime, here is a hint -  “Think: gaining the tools you need to know to make more meaningful connections.”  And, we are just about complete in developing our new members welcome packet.  In a few short weeks, we hope to have one to send you!  Finally, keep a look out for articles at www.aaf-houston.orgon each of our new members!  We’d love for you to reach out and welcome each one of them to the club at the next event!

All the best,

Christine Stevens
AAF-H Membership Chair

AAFH Membership Drive: 100 Members in 100 Days

Join. Belong. Advance.

100 in 100The American Advertising Federation Houston creates the most opportunities for advertising professionals like you to stay connected. Our industry changes quickly and it is more crucial then ever for you to stay up on the trends and topics that are shaping our future. From education on the latest technologies to access to the creative genius that propels our clients forward, the AAFH is your very best resource to all things NOW and TOMORROW.

JOIN NOW and take advantage of a very special offer!In conjunction with our 100th year, and for the next 100 days, your AAFH has discounted membership dues to $100 for the remainder of the 2011-2012 year. Join by April 11, 2012 to take advantage of this special offer!

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