Creative Matters—AAF-Houston, October 2012, Issue 13

Creative Matters

October 2012 Issue 13

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Message from the Chairman

Dear AAF-Houston Members,

It’s October! Where’s the sweater weather?  We have several COOL events coming up for you this month. On October 17th we will have our monthly luncheon and speaker in our next Creative Thought Leader Series. This month features, Matt Knight, Director of Marketing and PR at Mid-South Health Systems. Matt promises to motivate and inspire you and at the same time increase your creativity and organization. Don’t miss it! Wednesday, Oct 17th, 11:30am  at the Junior League of Houston.

Congratulations to our new inductees to the 10th District’s Southwest Hall of Fame, Chuck Carlberg of Richards/Carlberg, along with Rich Klein and Bill Fogarty of FKM Agency. All three have distinguished careers and made important contributions to advertising. The Southwest Hall of Fame is inducting these Houston Ad Men on Monday, October 15th at their luncheon in Dallas. Go to the link for more information.

Student Conference is slated for November 2nd & 3rd. Over 200 students from Texas and surrounding states will be in Houston to participate in our annual student advertising campaign challenge. Please email, Chairman, Tammy Guest, ( if you have a conference room you can spare for Friday, November 2. You will be hosting 12 students competing in an ad campaign to be judged that night. And we need judges too, so volunteer.

Our Trailblazer Gala honoring Martha Turner was a huge success. Thank you to our volunteers, our sponsors and supporters for a delightful evening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Gala Chair, Anne Mrok-Smith and her committee made it a night to remember. Thank you, Anne!

Artist of the month--Page Piland was our September “Artist of the Month”. Not only did Page display three of his very large canvasses at our luncheon but he donated a framed print as a door prize. In October, our artist will be the multi-talented Dick Smith. See you on the 17th!

Wishing you cool weather and a Happy Halloween,


Camille Bryan

Creative Thought Leader Speaker Series: Matt Knight

"Leaving Fingerprints at the Scene of the Crime!"

Get ready… this presentation offers motivation, inspiration, education, personal insight, reduced stress, increased creativity and organization, world peace, and a chance at some cash. All of this from a therapist (the mental health kind) that has wandered into the even crazier world of marketing and public relations.

This one’s all about you being the best you can be. And the better you are - your communication becomes amazing, your creativity soars, client are ecstatic, business booms, life is good, even your family and friends are impressed. You’ll need your funny bone, some kleenex, and maybe your best two steppin’ boots (being from Texas and all).

Disclaimer: results may vary depending on intelligence, sense of humor, and ability to party.

Register to hear, Matt Knight, Director of Marketing & PR at Mid-South Health Systems, discuss going behind the yellow tape and uncovering the secrets of making creative and lasting impressions.

2012 AAF-Houston Student Conference

The planning is in full swing as we head in the home stretch for the 2012 Student Conference. Students from across District 10 are signing up and looking forward to “taking the gloves off”, thanks to the crew at Freed for the conference creative. Posters are printed, thanks to Southwest Precision Printing, and in the mail, thanks to PremierIMS.

The student teams are being organized, so if you would like to host a team (have enough space to have 15 students and can provide them lunch), please contact Also, we are looking for judges for Friday evening if you are available Nov 2nd from 6pm–10pm and can bring your laptop and help judge these awesome campaigns the students submit contact Portfolio/Resume review Sat. morning 8am -10am is also looking for assistance with professionals that would be able to give a couple hours to review the students work please contact

We are excited to welcome the over 250 students and professors to Houston for this worthwhile event. Great chance for you to get involved with this worthwhile event.

The AAF-Houston Student Competition and Conference is November 2-3 at the Houston Marriott West Loop.

Round One starting soon!

Houston Ad Execs Join Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame

Local ad men Chuck Carlberg, Bill Fogarty and Rich Klein will join three Dallas industry leaders as members of the 2012 Class of the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame, created by the AAF Tenth District to honor men and women from the region who have distinguished themselves in the advertising industry.

Chuck Carlberg is Principal/Brand Creative Director for Richards/ Carlberg, Houston. For more than 40 years, Carlberg’s creative work has been recognized by every major advertising creative competition from Houston to New York.

Bill Fogarty and Rich Klein are co-owners of Houston’s FKM Agency, a Top 50 Advertising Agency that has been open for 32 years.

In May 2012 FKM edged out the competition on AMC’s new original series “The Pitch” to win a national marketing contract with Clockwork Home Services, one of the largest home services providers in North America.

AAF-Dallas will host the induction ceremony and luncheon on October 15. Other 2012 inductees include Dallas executives Tom Kalahar, chairman and CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media and former executive with Proctor and Gamble and Dr. Pepper/7-Up; Norman Brinker (deceased), noted restaurateur and founder of the Steak and Ale Restaurant chain in 1966; and William L. (Bill) Hill (deceased), former chairman of Levenson and Hill and ad pioneer, whose advertising career spanned more than 50 years.

Artist of the Month: Page Piland

Houston artist Page Piland grew up in an art environment in Austin, Texas.

Page studied under several of the so-called "Dallas Nine" including William Lester and Everett Spruce at The University of Texas. He earned his BFA at UT while working at the Humanities Research Center and as an art editor of student publications. He then worked in Dallas for a large ad agency on the LTV and Six Flags accounts. After a 2 year stint as "the bottom man on the totem pole", Page moved to Houston to become a designer at Middaugh Associates and then quickly went "free-lance". He always stayed active in fine art, too. Page achieved modest success over the years in the Houston "commercial art" field.

The drawings, paintings and monotypes have appeared in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Texas Fine Art Association Shows, Texas Art Celebration Shows, Blaffer Gallery-University of Houston Exhibitions, the Hunting Texas Art Prize and many other exhibitions.

Large format oil paintings are his main interest. His earlier fascination with boat and masks is currently complemented by paintings referring to American landmarks and monuments. The subjects are all meaningful to the artist personally and appear to be forecasting, commenting on, or projecting future events in some way. Some of the most recent paintings refer to social, environmental and political issues. He freely admits, "I have no idea what I am doing or why".

Page's current studio is in the new Spring Street Studios complex in the First Ward. He divides his time there between advertising design/illustration assignments and fine art activities. He said, "As always, my first love, the graphics, supports my fine art 'habit'."

Favorite color: Black.
Favorite quote: "To be obsessed, that is the thing. To be possessed, to be obsessed, yes, that is the thing". (Edgar Allan "Winnie" Pooh)

Create Yourself

Working creatively is as rewarding as it is challenging. Creating on a deadline adds pressure that doesn't exist when creating for pleasure. Many ideas are generated and then discarded. The process is sometimes daunting. It's easy to worry if a creative solution will be found.

You've probably asked yourself: Is there a way to enhance creativity? Is there a way to generate more ideas, and thus possible solutions? Essentially, you ask, can creativity be learned?

Luckily, research says the answer is yes! Here are three tips to get you started:

Nothing is sacred. Don't treat work like it's precious. Of course you want to do a great job, but don't be afraid of putting out a rough 1.0 version. It takes time to build a great 2.0 product. The software development model is a great creative workflow. Iterating quickly and often helps explore options while continuing to build a solid product.

Cultivate an attitude of play. Have you ever sat down at your desk and felt overwhelmed? The deadline is looming. Self doubt is hovering nearby. The best thing to do is stop and step back for a minute. Forget any worries. Forget the brief. Now, just begin to play. Be completely un-serious. You'll find suddenly you'll feel relaxed and ideas will start flowing again.

Create for yourself. Don't fill your entire day with client work only. Set aside time each day to work on personal projects. This is the best way to stay fresh and inspired. The insights gained from the freedom to explore often lend themselves to real world applications. Personal projects are the lab in which creative professionals experiment.

To continue to be creative over the long term it's important to build practices into your life that help sustain creative growth. You CAN continue to grow more creative. Create space for your creativity. Create yourself.

I'd love to hear your feedback. You can reach me at

Jonah B Sanders

Jonah B Sanders

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