AAF-Houston - Special Bulletin - In Memoriam: William R. West, November 7, 2012


In Memoriam: William R. West, November 7, 2012

Lifetime AAF-Houston member and former AAF-Houston Board of Directors member, Bill West, passed away on Wednesday morning, November 7.  Born to make people laugh, Bill succeeded brilliantly over a 25-year career as partner in Houston-based Radio Works. Originally from a poor neighborhood in Orange County, California, Bill grew up convinced he was a “special case.” He graduated from law school and passed the California Bar, but soon realized he was ill suited for the legal lifestyle.  He briefly ran a retail business in Scottsdale, Arizona, went on a mission to Quebec  for the Mormon Church, and then in 1985 settled with his new family in Houston where he handled financial negotiations for the Monroe Company.

Bill West was a force of nature. He leaves behind a host of friends and admirers, all of whom have learned something from his positive attitude, his unstoppable energy, and his mission to leave no funny-bone untickled. He also leaves behind millions of radio listeners who, regrettably, will never know the name of the man who brightened their day with a laugh.

Bill is survived by his wife, Jennifer, children Janalyn, Hayden, and Madison, his mother, and four sisters. A memorial celebration is currently in planning.

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