Creative Matters—AAF-Houston, April 2013, Issue 19

Creative Matters

APRIL 2013 Issue 19  

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Message From The Chairman

Dear American Advertising Federation-Houston Members,

April is here and H-Town is heating up! Our April luncheon will feature Jim McIngvale (aka Mattress Mack) of Gallery Furniture as our speaker. We will also celebrate the 16 college students who will receive  scholarships from our scholarship foundation, AEFH. These tickets are a hot item so make your reservation EARLY. Call, 713-237-9999 or email, You didn’t read it here, but a little bird tells me that our Club Achievement team, led by board member, Nicole Fellers, did very well at the AAF National judging contest. Contributors to Club Achievement were Tammy Guest, Rich Klein, Jay Hagins, Christine Stevens, Dwight Douthit, Sonny Villereal, Larry Kelley, Judy Foston and Mike Hulsey. Congratulations to Nicole and her team of writer/researchers!

COMING SOON... AAF-Houston will launch its new Website on May 1st. Schipul is designing the new site that has been in the works for almost six months. We think you are going to love it!

The 10th District Convention is being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma from April 11-13th. This year’s convention includes an exciting line up of events. Come early and watch some of the student teams present in NSAC, experience downtown Tulsa, catch some informative lecture speakers, see some of the very best creative in the area at the Tenth District ADDY Awards, and enjoy the Governor's Gala.

I’ll see you on April 17th at the Junior League of Houston for our annual Scholarship presentation and speaker Mattress Mack. Don’t miss it!!


Camille Bryan

Creative Thought Leader Speaker Series: Mattress Mack

Click Here To Register

2013 American Education Foundation of Houston Scholarship Winners

1 Al-Uqdah, Fahima Hafizah University of Houston Locke Bryan Director's
2 Coleman, Courtney Jeanette University of Houston Rich Klein and Bill Fogarty Communications
3 Coufal, Abbey Brooke West Texas A&M University/Canyon  Bill & Sharon Young Media Education
4 Crockett, Jasmine A University of Texas/Austin Bill & Sharon Young Media Education
5 Flores, Julio C. University of Houston Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education
6 Greaves, Lauren Conway Texas A&M University AEFH Scholarship
7 La Rosa, Lindsay Caroline Texas A&M University Houston Media Classic Education Fund
8 Larino, Roland Michael  Texas A&M University Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education
9 Love, Erina L. Grambling State University Gilbreath Communications
10 Madden, Justin M. Grambling State University Saurage Research Academic Distinction
11 McDonald, Thea Elizabeth Texas Tech University AEFH Scholarship
12 Nguyen, Kristy N. Texas Tech University Brett Elliott Education Fund
13 Nikoletopoulos, Dylan K. University of Texas/Austin 4 Guys Interactive
14 Schmidt, Kelby M. Texas State University-San Marcus Fred Korge Education
15 Smith, Jordan B. West Texas A&M University/Canyon  Jean Brown Scholarship
16 Watson, Brittany N. Texas A&M University AAF-Houston Trailblazer Education

AAF 10th District Convention, April 11-14, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Club Achievement

(Apparently the results of the National Club Achievement are a big secret. You didn’t hear it here. I won’t breathe a word!)

Thank you to all the Board members and committee heads who participated in AAF National Club Achievement this year. Not to name names, but the outstanding work was done by Mike Hulsey, Jay Hagins, Judy Foston, Christine Stevens, Tammy Guest, Sonny Villereal and Dwight Doughit. A really special thank you to our team leader, Nicole Fellers, who spent nine months collecting materials, writing articles and assembling all these notebooks!

  • Advertising Education – 1st Place - $800 Prize
  • Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives – 1st Place - $1000 Prize
  • Club Operations – 2nd Place
  • Communications – 2nd Place
  • Programs – 2nd Place
  • Government Relations – 2nd Place
  • Membership – 3rd Place
  • Public Service – 3rd Place

New Website Anouncement

Woohoo! The new website is on its way!

AAF-Houston heard your prayers, and now answers them with a new website design being spearheaded by Schipul Web Marketing. In development for the past six months, AAF-H's new website will launch May 1, 2013.

While I don't have a feature list, I can tell you Schipul will not only update the look of the website, but also incorporate updates and new technology to improve the website user experience for members and administrators.

Here's a few things on my wish list:

  • Search Bar
  • Improved Navigation
  • Responsive Design

I can't wait to see what Schipul delivers!

The Revolution Is Trending

You know, it’s funny sometimes the things that stick in your brain. It was October, 2008. I remember, I was at our monthly luncheon. Harry Jacobs from The Martin Agency was one of the guest speakers. When asked what the future of advertising looks like, he said the future of advertising will be creating products. If you hadn’t noticed, that’s proving to be the trend. And the trend may yet be a revolution in our industry.

Media Labs

Agencies are forming lab counterparts to their existing agencies. The labs serve as incubators for experimenting with bleeding edge multimedia and technology, much in the same way MIT’s Media Lab has been doing for decades. The hope is to glean new insights on the potential and limits of new technologies for products and services. Essentially, they want to get out in front, in order to stay ahead.

True Values-Based Marketing

Creative services such as design, writing and coding are becoming increasingly commodified. To fight this, we must compete on values. But what do these values look like? Simply answer: What's important enough to spend your life’s work on?

David Schiff, former ECD at CP+B, wants to do more than great advertising. He wants to create a movement.

Schiff is partner in Made Movement, a new marketing agency focused on a resurgence in American manufacturing. The agency is innovatively coupled to a retail arm called Made Collection, which utilizes flash-capitalism to encourage more people to buy American Made. According to Made, it’s quite simple. “When people buy awesome stuff, awesome stuff happens.”

While these trends are truly interesting for our industry, I believe they point to a broader social revolution slowly gaining ground swell.

Increasingly, people care more about the impact of their actions. People no longer divorce their lives from the work they do.

Globally speaking, the problems of the future—indeed, right now—require creative leaps in industry and society. The factory-model of serial iteration no longer works, nor can it keep pace.

We are uniquely positioned to lead the revolution, because we already embrace creativity as a viable business input. We know lateral thinking leads to leaps in innovation. Who better to help make over the world than the creatives who already help shape its culture.

I expect these trends to continue as agencies begin to align themselves with companies via shared values. The agency of the future will co-create brands, technology and products. Likely, All-In-One!

I love to read your thoughts. In email, of course, not your mind. Email me at

Jonah B Sanders

Jonah B Sanders

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