Creator and Champion - Lou Congelio

Today at the HAF luncheon, HAF and OiH presented a very special award to a very special person, Lou Congelio. 

Lou’s amazingly long list of contributions to our industry began over 20 years ago when he joined the Houston Advertising Federation.

 Among Lou’s many important accomplishments:

• As HAF Programs chair, he raised the bar significantly by bringing in the brightest stars to the monthly HAF luncheons. Attendance soared making HAF luncheons the hottest ad event in town.

• In mid-2004, Lou decided to make the HAF luncheons a roundtable discussion featuring Houston’s ad industry leaders, so Houston’s challenges and assets could be openly discussed. From that moment on, the Only in Houston (OiH) movement was set into motion.

With Lou’s volunteer leadership, the help of numerous other volunteers, including Schipul – the web marketing company, OiH, a sub-committee of HAF, became a grassroots movement and a reality. The OiH website gets nearly 30,000 visits a month, from Houston, other major US cities, and from around the world.  An electronic newsletter goes out every week. Only in Houston has been recognized by Advertising Age and The American Advertising Federation as a leading edge resource within our industry. People are getting jobs through OiH. And, Houston companies are getting business through OiH.

As one of my mentors, David Ogilvy always remarked, we must all earn the respect of our communities – as Lou has, and we must all pull our weight as good citizens, as Lou has.

Congratulations and thank you, Lou. HAF and OiH are pleased and proud to have recognized you today, Creator and Champion of the OiH movement.

Ann Iverson
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