Frequently Asked Questions About Only in Houston and Houston Ad Federation

Is Only in Houston related to HAF?

Yes, Only in Houston (OiH) is a sub-committee of HAF, just like the Advertising Education Foundation of Houston (AEFH) is a sub-committee of HAF. Even as an outgrowth of HAF, OiH supports and promote talent from all communications organizations in Houston.

What is OiH’s purpose?

OiH’s mission is to “promote the undeniable creative forces found within the city of Houston through programs that increase awareness of this talent, and through a spirit of community that fosters cooperation among all entities involved in the creation of advertising, marketing, communications and production.”

Does OiH have an organization behind it?

Yes, HAF. And in addition, OiH has a board of directors, just like AEHF. Go to for the list of board members.

How does OiH promote Houston’s creative forces?

Through its web page, a weekly e-newsletter, web page directory -- -- and through its projects and activities. Currently, OiH has the only Houston web site featuring user-generated content from all areas of the marketing communications industry. The site receives nearly 30,000 visitiors a month.

How else does OiH promote Houston’s creative resources?

Stay tuned. The OiH board of directors is working on that.

What kind of results has OiH achieved?

Typically, the OiH gets at nearly 30,000 visits a month, and that number is growing. Through our membership survey, we have found that a significant number of agencies and individuals listed in the directory and showcasing their work through the web site have made new contacts and generated new business through their affiliation with OiH.

What else?

OiH has been recognized by Advertising Age and the American Advertising Federation as a leading edge resource within our industry.

Who visits the OiH web page?

Houston companies looking for marketing communications help as well as out-of-town companies looking for creative resources in Houston. OiH gets visitors from all around the US and the world!

How many Houston companies are listed in the OiH Directory?

Over 1,000, representing a very diverse group of industries that service our marketing communications industry, in and out of Houston.

Why should I join OiH?

The Web site directory serves as a strong stand-alone marketing channel for your business and is continuing to enhance its reputation as a comprehensive clearinghouse for Houston marketing communications talent across all disciplines. If you hae a Web site, your listing on the OiH Web site, and any content you upload to the site, also helps boost your company's search engine rankings.

The cost of membership is minimal in relation to the exposure you and your business receive. As we launch the next phase of OiH, the benefits to you and your firm will continue to increase.

How can I join OiH?

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