Helicopter Services, Inc. Boosts Enrollment with Radio Advertising Services from Radio Lounge

“ Radio will be our future media of choice. Hands down, it delivered”

            - Mike Melton, President - Helicopter Services, Inc.                         



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The Opportunity:


Helicopter Services, Inc (HSI) provides training for students wishing to become commercial helicopter pilots. With a price tag of nearly $70,000 for a full time student, this can be quite a hefty sell. In fact, HSI, one of the largest national helicopter training companies, had just watched a competing facility across the street recently close down. HSI had also just taken on a building renovation shortly before the economy took its nosedive. Helicopter Services needed to increase its student enrollment. They saw an opportunity to attract students from the former competitor and, with the economy forcing many to rethink their careers, HSI jumped at the chance to bring awareness of the opportunities available to career-seekers as commercial helicopter pilots.



The Solution:


After discussing advertising options with many of his industry peers, President Mike Melton felt that radio advertising might be his best bet. Many in his industry had had success advertising on the radio, and with the powerful reach that radio advertising can provide, he thought it was a good decision. That’s when he got in touch with Radio Lounge. Their solution?  A three tiered approach. 


First was the concept of a micro-site on the web, geared toward the 18-35 year old male target demographic. This was the birth of bladesrock.com. Next was the idea of an open house, allowing discovery flights – the chance for interested visitors to actually take the controls of a helicopter and see what it’s like. Lastly was the radio advertising campaign promoting the open house and driving listeners to bladesrock.com for sign-up information. Throw in two rescheduled open house dates (thanks to Hurricane’s Gustav and Ike), and this campaign was destined to resonate with the target student.



The Results:


The radio advertising campaign was a huge success. Thousands visited the micro-site over the four-week campaign. Radio Lounge monitored the radio schedule, the web analytics and provided fresh updated creative copy and audio to the radio stations throughout the campaign. Live air personality endorsements and a variety of fifteen-second and thirty-second commercials reached the targeted 18-35 males. Helicopter Services received between ten and fifty calls per day requesting information and signing up for the open house. Over two hundred people showed up for the open house, and seventy-three demo flights were given that Saturday afternoon. Follow-up was great, and in the end, ten fulltime and ten part time students signed up for the program (with still many in the process of signing up at press time). The return on the radio advertising investment was huge! Hurricanes and all! In fact, HSI was even able to reinvest in another helicopter. 


Radio had delivered!



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