Hundreds Join Only in Houston's Campaign to Promote Local Creative Talent

Hundreds Join Only in Houston’s Campaign to

Promote Local Creative Talent


Around 300 local professionals have already become paid members of Only in Houston, which is in the midst of launching the second phase of its mission:


“To promote the creative forces found within the city of Houston through programs and cooperation among advertising, marketing, communications and production entities.”


OiH and the Houston Advertising Federation partnered to offer three membership options that are:


  1. A $65 OiH only membership fee
  2. A $125 dual OiH and HAF membership fee for current companies listed on the OiH site who are not yet members of HAF – this special offer is good only through July 31, 2007
  3. A $195 HAF renewal membership fee


Since OiH is an outgrowth of HAF, all HAF members are automatically recognized as OiH members. More than 250 HAF members recently renewed their HAF memberships, bringing the OiH membership ranks to approximately 550 members.


OiH initially launched two years ago as a Web site resource center, designed to showcase Houston creative talent, which quickly grew into a popular connection point between services providers and companies looking for communications support. In that short time, the American Advertising Federation has already recognized OiH as a creative force in the advertising community.

Today, features a directory listing of, and creative samples from, more than 1,000 agencies and independent professionals spanning multiple communications disciplines. The site receives more than 30,000 visits a week from people in Houston, and throughout the world.


OiH Membership Survey

In 2006 and 2007, with the help of Chris Riepe and RTS Marketing Research, OiH conducted surveys of members registered through the OiH Web site regarding the impact that the organization has had for their businesses.


This year, there was a 20 percent increase in the number of people completing the survey, and the results demonstrate that OiH has made a measurable difference for member companies. And when this year’s results are compared with last year’s, it is clear that OiH is playing an increasing role in helping Houston businesses make new contacts, identify leads, and generate sales.


Percentage of listed members that have made new contacts through the OiH site:

2007: 57%

2006: 40%


Percentage of listed members that generated new leads through the OiH site:

2007: 41%

2006: 27%


Percentage of listed members that generated new sales through the OiH site:

2007: 23%

2006: 16%


Percentage of listed members who added creative work for display on the Web site:

2007: 40%

2006: 24%


Phase II Underway

The membership campaign will help OiH launch the second phase of its mission, which includes expanded promotion of the Web site, the membership, and the talent in Houston through marketing, public relations and advertising outreach to businesses and other key constituencies, such as chambers of commerce.


Lou Congelio, principal of STANANDLOU Advertising, founded OiH along with a group of dedicated volunteers in 2005. A board of directors, representing all facets of the communications industry – advertising, marketing, public relations, audio/video, production, research, graphic and Web design –has been appointed and that group is currently working through creative strategy and planning for the second phase of OiH. Lou will remain actively involved, serving on the board of directors, and Ann Iverson, head of Creating Selling Opportunities marketing firm, has stepped in as chair of the board.

The new Only in Houston Board of Directors includes:

Tom Hair of Axiom Design Group
Chris Caldwell of Briggs Caldwell
Chris Caldwell  
Ann Iverson of Creating Selling Opportunities
Petri Darby of darbyDarnit Public Relations
Karl Heim of Freed Advertising
Locke Bryan of Locke Bryan Productions, Inc.
Benita Zamora of Lopez-Negrete Communications
Chris Riepe of RTS Marketing Research, LLC
Aaron Long of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company
Dwight Cook of Soundworks
Lou Congelio of STANANDLOU and founder of Only in Houston
Rob Styacich of Wetmore & Company

Jamie Farquhar of Whole Wheat Creative
Merideth Melville of Zenfilm
Jay Janecek of the Houston Chronicle
Troy Burwell of Xprescom


We will keep you posted as we continue moving forward to promote the incredible creative talent and resources available in Houston – some of it known, some of it hidden.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions. And, if you have not already done so, be sure to sign up for your Only in Houston membership.

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