Radio Advertising and Television Campaign from Moody Gardens grant you a Magic Passport to Savings – Radio Lounge, Houston.

Moody Gardens on Galveston Island has put Hurricane Ike behind them, and a summer full of fun ahead of them. And to kick off a great summer, Moody Gardens once again has worked with Radio Lounge for its radio advertising campaign.

English and Spanish radio and television production for the new “Magic Passport to Savings” summer marketing campaign including the re-introduction of a jingle that caught a lot of attention a few years ago.

Even just weeks past Hurricane Ike, Moody Gardens took a pro-active and very positive approach to saying, “let’s get back on our feet as quickly as possible” and give our visitors something even better than we had before”. This latest broadcast campaign demonstrates that mantra with a new message that tells listeners and viewers to “Believe in Magic, it’s here at Moody Gardens”.

“The goal of the campaign is really re-capturing interest of families and visitors that might not know Moody Gardens is back and operating at its full potential, offering visitors what they have come to expect of this unique venue.”, says M. Bruce Abbott, Creative Director and Partner of Radio Lounge.

Radio Lounge President Ray Schilens adds, “ we want to continue to build momentum growing visitor numbers at Moody Gardens and drive the message that Galveston Island and Moody Gardens has moved rapidly in re-building the Moody Gardens experience to not only its prior level, but to a next level park experience, and to demonstrate that Moody Gardens had completed their last major step in the recovery from Ike. “

The radio spots were recorded and produced in early May over a two week period, at the Radio Lounge studios in Houston with jingle re-mastering at Hooper Music in Dallas, and video production through Active Imagination in Houston. Moody Gardens has placed and is running a powerful media campaign on radio and television stations across Texas. 

Moody Gardens has relied on the top notch production facilities, talent base and engineers and producers at Radio Lounge for the past several years to build their radio and television marketing campaigns. Jerri Hamachek, Marketing and Public Relations Manager uses Radio Lounge as its exclusive broadcast production facility.

And Moody Gardens is ready to see you this summer!

“We are thrilled to welcome our guests back into the Rainforest Pyramid”, said Moody Gardens general manager John Zendt. “Our staff takes tremendous pride in the care of the Rainforest plants and animals and a great deal of work has gone into getting things back in order…the last major step in our recovery from Hurricane Ike.” The re-opening of the Ike-recovered signature pyramid, gave staff, local residents and visitors a reason to cheer as another symbol of progress in Galveston.

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