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AAFH Welcomes Matias Lanzi!Matias Lanzi, began studies in music at the age of 7 playing piano and conducting studies in composition, harmony and orchestration. Fascinated by technology he turned to synthesizers, sequencers and computers to create music and sound. He attended Berklee College of Music earning a degree in Music Production and Engineering by the age of 18. After working in Mexico as an arranger and engineer for a couple of years, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an engineering career. As he arrived to the US in 1994, he started working in several music and postproduction studios recording and or producing more than 100 Spanish albums, some reaching platinum and quadruple platinum awards for sales. 

In the postproduction realm he sound designed, engineered and mixed award winning feature films, TV and radio commercials for the General and Latin Markets. He also designed and consulted for several studios, analyzing needs and creating solutions being Zapboombang, LLC his current home. 

His ProTools experience comes from Digidesign's early efforts to introduce ProTools as ProEdit and ProDeck, aiding in the creation of Audiosystemas Digitales the first Latin American ProTools and Motu dealer, installation and support enterprise later to become Digidesign Mexico.

In pursue of new technologies Matias turned to multimedia CD ROM design, production and programming, and working on several training programs for different large communications and internet companies. Taking advantage of his programming experience in C++, PHP, Perl and ASP, he co-developed EVA (Encoded Video and Audio), a digital audio and video transmission system for Multimedia approval and viewing purposes. 

After founding and running Purepost, Inc, a post-production boutique in Santa Monica California for 7 years, he relocated to Houston to accomplish the mission of creating a world class video and audio post-production facility, Zapboombang, Inc.

Matias Lanzi

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