Media Consultant: Web Wisdom 2.0

Media Consultant: Web Wisdom 2.0

Kenan doyle branam presenting at the gulf coast mensa conference.The Web is not just another venue for the distribution of unsolicited, in-your-face advertising. It's a channel for truly interactive, user-centered communication.

Whether the channel is a Web page, email, listserv, mail list, peer-to-peer, blogg, RSS, video conference, or distributed removable media, digital media can deliver information with greater dimension and depth than older communication technology. But "Cyber Beauty," the customer, demands and deserves a more Meaningful Experience.

Web technology continues to evolve, becoming ever more intelligent. Web 2.0? Social Media?
It has always been about the "content" and the "conversation."

I'm a media consultant and present seminars about media communications in the ever changing environment of the Information Age.

Let's have a conversation!

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Media Communications Association-International
Houston Advertising Federation
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Houston Area League of PC Users
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World Futurist Society

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