Silver Medal Selection & the Award Ceremony

Selection Committee
Anyone can make nominations for this award by submitting information based on the following criteria to the Silver Medal Committee Chair or they may request a nomination form from the AAFH office.

At least 60 days prior to the AAFH ADDY Awards, the president shall propose to the Board at least 5 and no more than 7 AAFH members (designating one as Chairman) to serve as the Silver Medal Selection Committee. The committee will be comprised of the most recent Silver Medal recipient, the current president and individuals who did not serve on the committee in the prior year. Committee members are ineligible to receive the Silver Medal during the year in which they serve.

The Silver Medal winner will be considered a matter of highest confidentiality, with disclosure limited to the selection committee and those directly involved with producing the award and presentation.

Selection Criteria
AAFH will honor the award design and criteria determined by AAF.

The Silver Medal Award is based on five areas of consideration:
  • Contributions to the recipient's own company - success achieved in one of the following areas of work - advertising agency, advertiser, media, or advertising service company.
  • Creative ability - a consistent, high degree of creative, original thinking in whatever phase of advertising the nominee has worked.
  • Contributions to the general advancement of advertising - efforts to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.
  • Contributions to the community - activity in civic, religious or other groups dedicated to some phase of human or social welfare.
  • Contributions to the American Advertising Federation Houston.

The Event
The president will present the Silver Medal at the ADDY award ceremony, which generally occurs in February of each year.