Branding Creates Value Even in Challenging Times by James Gregory, 2009-07-15

James Gregory founder and chief executive officer of CoreBrand talks about how to prove the full value of your marketing campaigns to the CEO and CFO. Gregory reveals the latest findings in a 20-year research study and identifies the secrets of communicating with you senior management about the intangible asset known as your brand.

The current economic crisis is damaging many corporate brands. According to Gregory, this is not necessarily the fault of the brands themselves. Brand mismanagement or adverse financial conditions can overwhelm even strong brands beyond the ability of the brands influence. However, corporate brands can remain strong and even grow in the face of the downturn.

The Corporate Branding Index® research analyzes 1,200 companies across 49 industries to identify and rank the top 100. The research points out that top brands have succeeded in maintaining or increasing brand value even as brand equity, on average, has been in decline since 2004.

James Gregory is the author of four acclaimed books on the subject of "value equation".